GRÄBENER Medal Press Model GMP

GRÄBENER offers the Medal Presses of the GMP series with press forces from 3,600 kN to 10,000 kN which are specially designed for embossing of collector coins and medals in premium quality.

The GMP presses are designed for manual operation as well as for automatic operation. For automatic feeding of high-quality coin blanks various feeding systems are available to feed the blanks from trays or cassette magazines into the embossing station. The embossed coins are placed onto coin trays.

For larger quantities and medium quality, for example bullion coins, the GMP presses can also be equipped with a vibratory conveyor and dial feed. The embossed coins are either placed into a box or onto a conveyor belt transporting the coins to packaging.

  GMP 360 GMP 630 GMP 1000
Press force 3600 kN 6300 kN 10000 kN
Coin diameter, max. 50 mm 65 mm 85 mm
Strokes per minute 80 min-1 65 min-1 45 min-1
Ejector force 50 kN 100 kN 100 kN
Motor capacity 15,9 kW 30 kW 35 kW