The new hybrid drive combines the advantages of the knuckle-joint leverage with the advantages of a servohydraulically controlled power unit.

Quality and Energy Efficiency

+ high guiding accuracy due to pre-strained slide guides
+ best embossing results through high machine rigidity
+ brilliant surface quality assured by a clean-air system
+ high/low-pressure system with accumulator technology
+ very good hydraulic efficiency
+ small hydraulic power demand due to knuckle-joint leverage

Flexibility and Ergonomy

+ force- or displacement – controlled operation
+ multiple stroke with variable forces and die lifting
+ programmable striking velocity and holding time
+ programmable hologram sequence
+ ergonomically favorable operator position
+ no pit or platform required

  FM 250    
Press force 2500 kN    
Stroke 60 mm    
Strokes per minute 10 min-1    
Ejector force 50 kN    
Motor capacity 12 kW